We Are Minutes Away From War With North Korea, B2 Nuclear Bombers Sent to Guam

This week the US sent three B2 bombers that can carry nuclear ordinance along with 200 airmen to Guam. Because, of past history with US wars and stealth fighters and bombers this could be a great indication that war is about to start. Usually these kinds of aircraft with this kind of technology are not sent in bulk near the potential war zone. They are usually sent in bulk close to the starting date when war is going to break out. We are now seconds to midnight possibly before the next big war breaks out. Already jitters of war had been felt in the state of Hawaii when television and radio stations emergency broadcast system announced a possible missile attack on the islands. Good thing it turned out to be false and it seems like this may have been a glitch in the system, however nerves are frail and things are getting to the point of hair trigger. See video.

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