Warning Possible Coming False Rapture Event w David Carrico on NYSTV 10-08-2016

Warning Possible Coming False Rapture Event w David Carrico on NYSTV 10-08-2016 – One of our NYSTV listeners, Mark Rodgers had a dream about a coming false rapture. We have been talking about a possible scenario for a very long time. With technology such as Project Blue Beam and other advances how will we know?

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  • Lisa Lambert 1 week ago

    Yes i dreamed i was working as a nurse in hospital. The machine matrix had taken over and perfecting all details of schedules, patient care, medicine routines…then the machine matrix started out thinking everyone and the horror of this felt like hell. Ppl began having sex with each other but each could feel the sensations of nor only their experience but also everyone else’s feelings and sensations simultaneously. I kept running w my daughter but the landscapes and buildings kept changing and morphing twds our doom no matter how fast we ran ir tried to out think this awful thing.

  • Lisa Lambert 1 week ago

    Then a few months later i was running with ppl who were ripping out huge electrical lines from under train tracks, zapping themselves fully, rising up in the air blazing w electricity. I guess it was to get them high? But worse. They did not die. I watched in horror thinking, there’s gotta be a price for this. And i kept trying to run but all these ppl everywhere were ripping out wires from walls and whatever they could.

  • Linda Martin 1 week ago

    I just stumbled on this channel ,and I absolutely love love love you all. Love this channel

  • Linda Martin 1 week ago

    I heard an oldJewish man on you tube a couple of years ago. He was saying when Mose threw the first 10 commandments written by God. That when they broke he said the letters flew out of the tablets like they were alive. Was those original letters written in Hebrew? So just wondering if maybe the dream with you he letters was referring to the 10 commandments. Gods law?

  • Ann B 1 week ago

    I heard God speak to me on July 13, 2016. Matthew 24:26. I’m glad you spoken about it.

  • Sylvia Ross 1 week ago

    Very valuable information. Arnold Murray talked a lot about the false rapture, warning people against it. It will be confusing to people when it happens, but one vital sure-way to know it’s the false rapture that Murray gave is that if you are still in a physical body when this “rapture” begins happening, then it is the false rapture. If it is the real rapture, when Jesus actually returns, you will instantly be in a spiritual body. So everything will be confusing at the false rapture, and you don’t even need to wonder if it’s the real thing. If you are still in a physical body, then it’s the false rapture, and yell, like Mark, “I’m waiting for Jesus.”

    Also, this was a great video accompanying the description of his dream.

  • C vB 1 week ago

    The catching away of the body of Christ is real and pre- 70th week of Daniel.

  • Elizabeth Jansen 1 week ago

    John Hall, so good to see you! Shack-a-lacka moo moo! 😂😂😂

  • Seeking for TRUTH 1 week ago

    The rapture cannot be staged in any way!! And when Jesus returns we will be long gone anyway!!

  • Seeking for TRUTH 1 week ago

    What are your thoughts on the sun ECLIPSE last year and the blood moon being signs of the 6th seal? For me its just so obvious… In my calculation we are just about 4 yrs from the rapture. I believe it will be right before Satan rules the last 3,5 years… GOD bless

  • Donna Nix 1 week ago

    I had a revelation
    Please become a preacher
    God loves you and us so much
    Please reconsider

  • Gentle Jules 1 week ago

    Great video! David mentioned Chemtrails in the beginning. For the first time, yesterday I came across videos stating that Chemtrails are demonic. The video was captured with the P900 camera, which is the best close up zoom available. These so called Chemtrail planes were shape shifting, turning into orbs, ect. Then they were even going away when people praying. I just saw this yesterday. I wasn’t sure if you have heard about this before and I wanted to tell you. Here is the video link if you are interested in checking it out. I’m not really familiar with this guys YouTube channel and I am not promoting him. https://youtu.be/pNrMhGPA-Zw

  • Seeking for TRUTH 1 week ago

    These “planes” spraying “chemtrails” are not real planes!! They fly at around 1.000ft and are TINY!! With a good camera you are able to full zoom in on them, which is absoloutely IMPOSSIBLE at 30.000ft. Even at 3.000ft. Please look into: chemtrails are deamonic.

  • Seeking for TRUTH 1 week ago

    For me the dream is a WARNING of the alien deception coming. But we do know that Aliens are deamons! I DO NOT believe that this will be holographic.. I rather think that genuine Reptiles (seraphim) will be doing this and not a hologram!

  • Casey Melick 1 week ago

    John John David Donna thank you so much

  • sister sharka 1 week ago

    Absolutely Amazing… back on my New Age Programming journey, I have heard exactly this scenario- spheres and technological oobjects like of different shapes… the agenda is that they are “extratterrestrial tools” = AI – to “TAKE US TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION” .. to save us from Armagedon…. at first the object studies you and downloads informations, then interacts and then “sucks you in” I guess, like a portal to take you to the 5D…… and many people are wating just for this “Big Event” as they are still being decieved… thank you, Shalom

  • Mary Ann Strohl-Young 1 week ago

    They can fake show us anything they want. But there will be an event even the elect will be stunned.

  • William Sorensen 1 week ago

    36 years ago I had a Vision that I was walking across the desert and everybody else was walking the other way, never really understood that ,until now in the last days

  • G33ña ImaGINAtion 1 week ago


  • Seeking for TRUTH 1 week ago

    Dear brother David, what makes you believe that there will be no rapture at all??

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