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  • Edith Porter 2 months ago

    Someone has already received an audible message saying that the rapture was going to happen on a “mega moon” . We just had one on Nov. 3, 2017. There are two more. One on Jan 1st. and the other one for 2018 is on Jan 31st No more are due to occur after Jan. 31st. for 2018.

  • Heaven Bound 2 months ago

    Thank you for your words
    Stay focused, Stay prayed up, and continue to run a good race to get your 👑



    Be Blessed🙏🏾

  • Misfits And Madness 2 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your dream brother. Jesus is coming back soon! The Spirit in nme bears witness with your words. Amen!

  • Charles Brown 2 months ago

    Is Charles Stanley a false prophet? Id really like to know your thoughts on him brother.

  • Charles Brown 2 months ago

    Yes!! Time is running out everyone!!! I plead with you in Jesus name to repent of all of your sins and turn to Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.

  • Mr Black 2 months ago

    There is no rapture.

  • Mary Ann Garza 2 months ago

    Thank you brother in Christ. I started having visions like dreams since about 2013. As for today our Lord guided me to John 4 where He speaks to Samaritan woman. He always guided me to that scripture for i was married several times since age of 14 years old . I was tossed here and there since my birth and I always carried that not worthy and shame in me always . But today something great happened. He guided me to Prayer Worshipping in Spirit and truth Woman blog revive our hearts in Google. Wow it’s like He explained to me there and confirmed He was whispering to me that all the time. That no matter my past,as soon as I accepted Him as my Lord and saviour and got baptised and born again ,He has been working in me through the Holy Spirit and that He new my heart since before I was born He new me . That the homeless man that looked like in his 70’s and white white hair and white skin tone was whom my still voice told me one night in hours of prayer. You see i saw him from across a street in Harlingen Texas and in year 2016 early. I was taking money out from atm when I saw him resting on a bench and just broke my heart to see him all alone and elder and I can’t explain I’ve just all my life hurt for the homeless. I was married to a man at 14 by my earthly father and step mother. I didn’t finish school. All my growing up childhood I was tossed here and there because my mother didn’t do effort to raise me because her addictions and mental illness drew her away from responsibility. Long story but I crossed street w my car and got down and asked him sir, can I buy you a meal or give you so you can buy yourself a meal? He said no thank you I have eaten and drank what I need . I was like but for later ? He said no I am fine I don’t need more . Then he said how evil had increased. I said yes sir . Everywhere we are seeing so much evil. I once lived in Chicago and came back because there was so much violence and racism and all and he said I’ve been all over and Chicago is one of the worse ones yes that all is full or evil. Then an old late cousin gets dropped off by a ride as soon as he spots me talking to sweet elder. He screams ,prima! Meaning cousin in spanish and I saw elder look at him like upset at him as he approached us. Then cousin says prima I need a ride to my hometown about 22 miles . I said yes but u have to wait til I go and do my Zumba exercise cuz my heart had had a stroke in about 2013 and I would exercise in between my jobs . I told elder,Sir will you be here maybe tomorrow or some other time around this area so I can look for you and see you again maybe I can invite you something that day? He said don’t worry we will see each other again . But then I was like he didn’t answer me yes to being around area neighborhood, he just said don’t worry we will see each other again. But he always was so so calm and was always seeing all around in a beautiful peace. He just made me so so at peace like words can’t describe. I thought maybe cuz I always seeked for true motherly and fatherly advice and never had it because I was always none to be to overboard loving and going extra mile . They make fun of me saying my blood was as slow as raw honey. I was always bullied and more . All my life I yurned and seeked for love like 1 Corinthians 13 . Respect and peace doing for others more then me for i always leave my self for last. I’m saying too much maybe. But I’ve had too many vision like dreams . One on I saw a beautiful pastor and a breeze brother like no other it was just so so felt so calm! And I saw many sitting on ground and I saw they all had like old old time back time like clothing and sandles. And never could see faces never on my there backs for i was like in back of them. I noticed they were few also brother the crowd. I saw they all were so quiet herring like a teacher talking. I saw like teacher or I don’t know but was walking as spoke and sandles I saw his feet like of a man and had like a long robe but a fabric I haven’t seen in this generations but only could see his waist down . I looked to sides and was captivated by so peaceful and weather was so so beautiful so I just squated down and did same just looked towards teacher . Then I woke up and just had a peace. They say I’m too overboard with they call it the Jesus thing. Which hurts me because most brother don’t feel that excitement like we do for our redemption draws near and more. It’s like they tell me this has been for thousands of years come on . And more. I just been feeling just stronger His coming drawing near and the more guidance getting by vision like dreams ,by YouTube video guided on to, by a holy word of God from scripture, by Google or by someone coming up to me of brother or sister and speaking what I had asked our Lord in prayer. I’ve had awful awful attacks brother since 2010 and til now worsen. Like an ex neighbor of mine which I moved already, just saw me and attacked me so so vicious like it literly just had me crying for days and in prayer cuz didn’t understand why if I don’t disrespect her never and always ignore her attacks and others even from same earthly family relatives it’s like I actually one day was so shaken and asked our Lord in prayer for hours to give me strength for lime psalm 23 said ,even though I pass through the valley of shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me. And I kept praying and reminding myself of His faithfulness and words I had read and I would speak them and I would sing to our Lord and asked a sister to help me pray also even though she was 10 hrs away. She told me she herself was having awful attacks that one point even her health but she fasted and prayed and never gave up her faith as I don’t give up my faith neither. The Lord guided me to sanctify ourselves more .We need to clean out inside and outside also. Many think it’s so hard to change outside because they don’t want to appear like without the styles and make up and more that now almost everyone has and expect you do same but we are different. Our citizenship is in heaven where He is. We can’t be conformed with the things of this world nor the styles culture changes . God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He made Adam and first Eve perfect before they sinned. Eve was beautiful with natural beauty. Once again thank you brother in Christ for always sharing with us for helps. All of us together in unity for we are the body of Christ . We are His church . God’s Kingdom is love . All the glory and honor be to our God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever, amen.

  • Anna Peters 2 months ago

    Hi brother in Jesus Christ I believe that to that Jesus is going to be back very soon the prophecy is fulfillingRight now in Jerusalem brother will you please pray for our family my husband is deep in drugs My family doesn’t know Jesus yet thank you so much you are a brother in the Lord Jesus Christ will see you in heaven

  • Marilynn Coffey 2 months ago


  • Amy Manus 2 months ago

    Please pray for me to quit cigs, nerve meds,all meds,I want to get raptured,I have been saved,later in life I rededicated to Jesus,live you brethen! Hope to see you soon in HEAVEN!!!

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