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  • Pete Rodriguez 1 week ago

    Are you serious ☕ ☕ time…God bless everyone and Praise the Lord Jesus Christ…

  • Dan Haddox 1 week ago

    Proud WV Hillbilly!

  • BrianMichael Benjamin 1 week ago

    I’m attending the freedom point event tonight and hopefully all weekend. I hope I get a chance to speak to him. There’s a testimony I’d love to share with him and I believe he’ll find it interesting

  • Joseph R 1 week ago

    I don’t understand how someone that knows about the illuminati and how they control everything says that trump is not a part of them. If he wasn’t a part of them he would’ve have been dead a long time ago. Just how they killed kennedy after he exposed the deep state and their involvement in government. I don’t know if Paul knows but I just cant understand how can he be for trump and the government.

  • Bleu Envy 1 week ago

    Pastor Paul you are the bomb!

  • Suzie Q 1 week ago

    Trump is being used by God to separate the wheat from the tares it’s working very quickly.

  • agape acres 1 week ago

    Thank you for all you do. May you be blessed with great health; physically, spiritually and financially…Amen.

  • Mr. Parker 1 week ago

    God Bless You Pastor Paul 😃

  • Cheryl Majors 1 week ago

    Every town, city, county and state should have a grassroots orgination like this one

  • illusiv08 1 week ago

    Awesome!!! NOW is the time for grassroots organizations to assemble and begin work not only for Nov. 2018, but Nov. 2020!!!

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