US North Korea Tunnel Warfare

The US is training troops to deal with tunnel warfare in North Korea. North Korea is honeycombed with tunnels the store military equipment, military troops, food for the military, and even weapons of mass destruction. They have had more than 60 years to build up these massive tunnels under ground that will serve as shelters and defend sites to try to fight a war of attrition against the US and South Koreans. In a 1950s the US ran into some of these tunnels in North Korea but this time around these tunnels are way more advanced. These tunnels will become a challenge to US and South Korean troops in any event that the US have to invade North Korea with ground troops. Nuclear weapons may not be able to solve the problems of honeycomb tunnels which are deep underground. The US does have advanced systems to deal with blowing up underground tunnels but this is only if they can locate the tunnels and put them out of action. See video for more.

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  • 5020 turrkk 2 weeks ago

    Its no way around the tunnel warfare u gotta hit it head first. think, u gotta plug the hole. If you don’t water will come out.

  • 5020 turrkk 2 weeks ago

    Im in the infantry 11b and im telling you now. Thats fucked. I feel like if the war ever kicked back off marines would be rushing those tunnels before a shot was even fired. Thats a machine gunners dream I swear. (11b is army infantry not marine)

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