Urgent: “USA Bombers Fly Over Korea With Japanese And South Korea Jets”

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  • Gone to God 1 month ago

    What’s with the tea ads–come on-we hear enough ads as it is. Others have complained about this. We want to hear the Word Paul–not tea.

  • Jessie Leech 1 month ago

    Rocket man has death wish ((

  • L.A. Tony Stark001 1 month ago

    It’s all supervillan “Rocket man” fault.

  • BibleFAQ247 1 month ago

    Our “Blessed Hope,” the Rapture of the Church, is closer than you think. I believe with all my heart that Jesus is standing at the door. Soon, beloved, all true believers will hear the sound of the Trumpet of God and the Voice of the Archangel shouting, “Come up here!”

    Snatched away in mercy, raptured in His care – one moment the world will see us, the next, we won’t be there. In the twinkling of an eye, the time of half a blink Millions in Christ will disappear it’s closer than you may think.

    Some think that this is fiction, a story over told. In disbelief they are misled I know it sounds too bold! But think for just a moment, open up your eyes and ears Yes, these events have been foretold for many many years.

    Wars and peaceful rumors, famine and pestilence. Earthquakes and hurricanes, it’s beginning to make sense. There’s still time for all of our loved ones to call on Jesus, He wants to call their name, And He will save them from their sin, He already took the blame.

  • FOOD STAMP MAN 1 month ago

    Whattt are you serious Yellowstone danger zonee its the calm before the storm ⛈ whatt

  • tea kreen 1 month ago

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  • Synchronistic Observer 11:11 1 month ago


  • bornforbattle74 1 month ago

    *Paul Begley outs Obama as the antichrist*
    Wwhhhaaaatttttt 😃

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