Urgent: “Flu Vaccinations Yet Record Flu Outbreak”? America

America under siege as a record outbreak of the flu threatens the nation


  • Patricia Owens 2 weeks ago


  • Micah Gerrity 2 weeks ago

    In 2013 step son got flu shot, got sick and everyone else in the house got sick. My pregnant wife went to the hospital and the family cat died. Don’t take the shot

  • Lee Neale 2 weeks ago

    Population control…..were being systematically poisoned!…via Foods…medications etc. The Lord is the ONLY Cure people!!

  • Godswarrior 4ever 2 weeks ago

    Many blessings thank you brother Paul!

  • Micah Gerrity 2 weeks ago

    The flu they report about is the common cold. Yet they don’t report the horrible side effects of taking the vaccine. The vaccine is literally the flu they inject you with among other harmful things.

  • Prodigal found 2 weeks ago

    chemical reaction between the chemtrails &flu vacc. ingredients

  • marie broderick 2 weeks ago

    read today cut a onion at both sides place in a bowl leave it around house throw out the next day as it absorbs all the germs

  • Limitless Being 2 weeks ago

    I have never take a flu shot never will God gave us our immune system they can put whatever they want in those shoots and we don’t even know what it’s

  • Kim Means 2 weeks ago

    Truth!! My daughter received the flu shot last year and it made her deathly ill she spent 2 days in the hospital

  • Lee Neale 2 weeks ago

    ……Amen Pastor🖑

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