Urgent: “Don’t Blame The Russians”


Julian Assange says “Don’t Blame The Russians http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com also Help Us Spread the Word https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=D7WQL22GHQY2U also http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-03/julian-assange-ends-suspense-source-hacked-emails-not-russia also https://crusaderjournal.com/2016/11/03/fbi-examining-fake-documents-targeting-clinton-campaign/


  • Star Light 5 months ago

    if trump is elected make sure you are armed if your a ethnic minority that
    nazi is racist son of bitch

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  • dixiegirl999 5 months ago

    Majority of congress has known about all this for yrs. They just knew when
    Hillary goes down, she will take majority with her. I hope they all go
    down. Past time to clean house & that means the majority. Even if Bush’s
    are included, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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  • Keith Blankenship 5 months ago

    all this wiki leaks, assage stuff is getting old, what we need is ONE
    freaking email linking HIllary to corruption BEFORE the election! I bet its
    Germany since the leaks told them the NSA had tapped their phones,,,, any

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  • Jarle Malmin 5 months ago

    Actually 90% of the bad news about Russia is happening for one reason.
    Everyone have heard about the Rockafellas right? Well Russia kicked them
    out. They are no longer spreading their influence in Russia, when this
    happened the news and press started spreading stories and creating fear
    that Russia would be nuking us.

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  • ptrainingbytim 5 months ago

    The sooner people figure out that your vote means nothing and Trump and
    Hillary are two different heads of the same snake, the sooner you will see
    this is really about satan setting up his new world order. Jesus is

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  • Kriss Novak 5 months ago

    So true Pastor Paul !

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  • isthisnametaken 5 months ago

    ‘Spose I could ask google but is assange Christian

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  • Kat McC 5 months ago

    Pastor, as grave as things are on the earth… you crack me up. thank you
    for at the very least making me smile. Keep looking up… we fly soon! Good
    Bless you.

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  • carole d 5 months ago

    Putin atleast you are giving all your people bomb shelters. Don’t have to
    be Elite there ! Well atleast that’s what it seems like. Who knows only God
    for sure !!! Pray for peace. Thanks Pastor Paul 👍

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  • cool guy66 5 months ago

    why no more live videos ?????????

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