U.S. to Increase Chinese Import Taxes By 41%

The Chinese are declaring war on the United States, an economic war. In fact the Chinese had declare an economic working on United States for very long time, but right now because Donald Trump has given tax cuts for corporations to come back to the United States and reestablish their businesses and put Americans back to workers. The Chinese have announced this week to all companies to stay China and as an incentive they will give the company’s 0% tax. Therefore keeping American jobs away from the United States and keeping these greedy companies overseas. The whole idea of China is to bring down the US economically and destroyed one way or another. But you, my friend can be part of the war against China economic. See my plan on how we can get the Chinese to pay a 41% import tax on all imports from China and give them economic war they will not forget. Americans it’s time to be a patriot, waved the red white and blue, and show them communist pigs that were not going to take it sitting down. See video for more..

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