Toiletry Disaster at G20 Summit in Germany 2017

The Globalists have destroyed the toilets at the G20 Summit 2017 because of Pres. Donald Trump meeting with Pres. Putin of Russia. Already the Catholic Pope is talking about the great evil that will come out of this. Basically what the Catholic Pope is doing or saying is the same thing like when a bank robber it’s about to rob a bank and tells the police officer sitting in his car in the corner that a block away he seen somebody stealing a bike in order to diverge the police attention away from the bank robbery that is about to take place. The Globalist’s want to rob the entire world’s population and enslave the entire world’s population under their one world order government. But, they cannot do this if the United States and Russia come together as alliance this will create a panic within the globalist society unprecedented in their history. Everything that they have worked for hundreds of years, creating a one world government, especially what the Catholic government order has been looking for is beginning to deteriorate before their eyes, see video for more..

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