The Story of Moses – ( Children Christian Bible Cartoon Movie )

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  • Raemiel Clark Dimapilis 2 years ago

    Thanks god for your protection and love!!!

  • Tonekia Haggard 2 years ago

    .i.Muh hmwi..a. $3. Wk

  • Brenda Vananna 2 years ago

    I simply cannot allow my children to view these movies. Haven’t you all
    notice something somewhat sinister about the ‘look’ of the film and how it
    disturbs so many of us in Love with Christ? Some of these dealing with
    Samson, or Sodom are not allowed here in this house. Sex and sodomy are
    difficult to explain to the kids and I do NOT want them trying any of that

  • Wait, this isn”t the original. *super ultra facepalm*

  • Lupe Tejeda 2 years ago

    I do too

  • brian herbert 2 years ago

    I love God and all his people 

  • tresojos 2 years ago

    why are they depicted as typical white people also? How historically
    accurate 😉 COUGH COUGH

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