The RAPTURE TRAIN is Leaving SOON!!! Are You On Board!?

In this video I share a dream I was given as well as a dream a friend was given, both pointing to the soon return of Jesus Christ for His Church. I also share some prophetic events that point to the Beast System, and what it REALLY looks like. Please give your life to Jesus Christ NOW!!!. . .while you still can. It will SOON be too late, and you DON’T want to be Left Behind. . .

Ex-Google Engineer [Anthony Levindowsky] Registered the First Church of AI in May 2017. He calls the new religion “Way of the Future,” and the IRS granted the religion Tax Exempt Status in August 2017. LINK to Original Video Source:

Dr. Carl Sanders, Engineer of Microchip Technologies, explains how the RFID chip was created, and how God showed him it is the “Mark” of the Beast [from Revelation 13] LINK to Original Video Source:

Music by: DC Talk “Wish We’d All Been Ready”
Music by: AETERNA “Strange Phenomena”
Art by: Raylin


  • larry craddock 1 week ago

    Amen Midnight oil! I can see Jesus saying ” May I have your ticket of faith please! I believe that there is a high probability that 2018 is going to be the year of our Lord and Savior coming to get us! WOW!

  • larry craddock 1 week ago

    That something bad is the horrific 7 year tribulation period that is now on our doorstep! Look up because the church age of grace is almost up! God is going to pour out His terrible wrath on those that have rejected His Son Jesus Christ!

  • Live2Love 1 week ago

    I dreamed of riding a bus and then transferring to a train. We were all very happy and excited! There was a strong feeling of love all around. I look forward to each vid., Melissa! Your msgs draw me from the edge of the world back to reality, usually in mid-workday when it’s so easy to be near the world. GBU!!!

  • Kimberly Hodapp 1 week ago

    Didn’t see a train or hear a train but I KNOW it’s leaving soon! Staying in His presence and watching for our blessed hope! Abundant Blessings, Melissa!

  • D Biersteker 1 week ago

    Awesome message as always sister very encouraging I have been saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit since 1983. Have done both street evangelism and Jail ministry and the Church I attend not very end time orientated but were sure evangelism orientated. We’re reaching are city and the world with the love of Yashua. I am constantly hearing about revivals all over the world right now people being saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit in large numbers. We have even had Pastors from Islamic countries give us updates. I certainly would like nothing more than for the Rapture to happen right now and to be with my Lord and Savior Yashua. However it looks like for rights now were in one biggest revivals and harvest seasons maybe ever. I believe were going home soon. Jesus is our savior and right now he is saving a whole lot of people before we go home he is increasing the size of the family. Shalom…

  • Lorelei Dorward 1 week ago

    Great video ! Thank you !!! Not much more time !!! Xox

  • Alameen Karim Merali 1 week ago

    AMEN and AMEN, I knew the Lord had told me something about Aritificial Intelligence, Bitcoin and the RFID Chip. Wow, Thank you Lord Jesus.

  • Rachel Lynn 1 week ago

    That song was beautiful and made me cry. I have been good with my emotions but the song at the end really got me. I didn’t know it was DC Talk! I used to listen to them when I was 13! I played that tape everyday back in the days! I will be listening to them all day now. Thank you so very much! I love you sister! Have a blessed day today. God bless you!

  • Amanda Ward 1 week ago

    Melissa, When you mentioned the waiting area in your dream, it reminded me of the words “place of safety” and which I heard in my spirit yesterday. I believe that we are very close to crossing over into the Promised Land.

    Last night I had a dream where I was at work and a fire alarm went off. I didn’t see a fire, but I was trying to rescue the students I work with, and take them to “a place of safety.” A wedding was also taking place in my dream, and I was wearing a wedding dress. I was also wearing a pair of heart-shaped, paper glasses. At first I could not see out of them, but then things changed, and I could see out of the lens clearly. I think it could mean that the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is right around the corner.

    God bless.

  • Manof God 1 week ago

    this info is a bit old, the new chip has an DNA thing in it that alters the DNA of who has the chip. God can’t redeem flesh that is not man…so those who take the Mark of the B will no longer be human. Daniel’s vision of the statue with the feet-iron mixed with clay says THEY will mingle with the seed of men and THEY are fallen angels. Tribulation is serious business, get onbaord the Bible Train with Johnny Cash. We going home!

  • Rebecca Juster 1 week ago

    in these final moments (however long that is), remember that Satan will try to make you doubt your salvation. remember the serpent ‘did God really say?’ eradicating doubt is most important of all

  • elisabeth davis 1 week ago

    Wow scary prospect… hanging on to the Lord with all our might! X

  • Amy Simmons 1 week ago

    Thank you Melissa! Shared on FB. ❤️❤️

  • Irene Pryce 1 week ago

    Hi Sister, is it possible to put subtitles on? I am deaf! God bless you, I can’t wait to see Jesus and all my brothers & sisters

  • World Coming Down 5777 1 week ago

    In the last days men will refuse sound doctrine. Imagine your shock when the great tribulation (1335 days) kicks off and you have stored no oil for your lamps.

  • polescot 1 week ago

    I.D.entity…..see it..?

  • Marguerite Duhon 1 week ago

    Hi. Were the one that a red ribbon or line in the sky?

  • Melissa Vantassel 1 week ago

    Who was the man that testified about the making of the chip? Would like more info on that. Thank you:) Also, on somewhat of a different topic, does anywhere in the bible mention giants during the end times or 3 days of darkness, etc? TIA:)

  • Chris Carter 1 week ago

    What with the hypodermal-chip; phone location tracking and traffic cameras; the pieces are in place for tyranny. Having met one of the engineers responsible for license-plate recognition (a nice guy), I know he did it with the best of intentions (tax and speeding). People develop such technologies for ‘peace and security’, little realizing they are priming us for the ‘Mark’ . Already, in England, we have trials of cashless payment with implanted chips. Tragically, many will take this convenience’, little realizing they are being enslaved.

  • Christine Theisen 6 days ago

    I saw the picture of the train and the title. Wow I couldn’t believe this. I too had a dream where i was on it and my mom whom past away on 2012 was there too. My 2 granddaughters where there too. We where so happy we were going home. Thank you Jesus for the confirmation.

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