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  • Benjamin Farnsworthy 9 months ago

    My question: who is the mother of Moses? Is that also the Virgin Mary? I
    don’t know and she should be given some credit for sending her baby off in
    a basket. What if he had drowned? It’s rather sad, friends.

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  • Kevin Drake 9 months ago

    I Love Jesus.

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  • Nfn Roach 9 months ago

    Exodus 20:15 “You shall not steal.” But, it so blesses G-D when his people

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  • Shadrach Blair 9 months ago

    is that a green horse

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  • Shadrach Blair 9 months ago

    this is an amazing story

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  • Bradley Phuvanat 9 months ago

    i am commander of all of Jesus Christ’s children and commander of Jesus
    Christ angle army anyone who join team Jesus will have to obey me and i am
    the first one
    to create team Jesus.

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  • Lucy Meseha 9 months ago

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