The Bible Story Of David And Goliath – ( Children Christian Bible Cartoon Movie )

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  • sahil khan 2 years ago

    fuck Israel and all nations of Israel who use our history and remember at
    the end of world we must fuck you all again just waiting for imam al Mahdi
    to come and join our Muslims army and Jesus also join mehdi army in
    palastin fuck you all we pray for one All ALLAH who have no son no wife no
    mother and father and Jesus is nothing just a human and propet of GOd all
    the Jesus followers on wrong way

  • Swordsmen99 2 years ago

    The story of David and the Goliath always intrigued me because it showed
    how even a boy can beat a giant with God’s support and love

  • Alex Leg 2 years ago


  • Corn On The Cobb ~Desu 2 years ago

    This shit is REAL ANIME

  • Corn On The Cobb ~Desu 2 years ago

    Lel, just waters down the story so your kids don’t see ow fucked up the
    bible is

  • Cindy Aguilar 2 years ago

    god is good

  • Cindy Aguilar 2 years ago

    that is a good vieod for kides to 1-23 from god

  • Stephen Salami 2 years ago


  • Agoodfruit 2 years ago

    Nest Entertainment

  • Precious Chuks 2 years ago

    Please can someone tell me how to download such lovely videos. I need them
    for the children’s ministry. Thanks. I would also love suggestions on how
    to make the children’s ministry fun. Thanks

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