Sixth Seal News Talk 24/7 LIVE AND Pre-Program Shows

I will like to ask for your help and putting up a Sixth Seal News Talk online radio station. One of my goals this year was to put up an online radio station that will allow many people on different platforms from around the world to listen to Sixth Seal News Talk. I’m looking for donators that can pay the monthly fee required to have an online news station. The monthly fees range from $63-$220 per month depending on the size of storage that I need or how many hours I want to broadcast. I’m asking for all those that can help to please check out the box below that says Patron on if you wish to donate one of the packages. I ask you if you can to make a one-year commitment and pay the monthly feeds with your donations. My hope is also the possibility once the radio station is up and running to be able to take live calls on the air and even bring on bored some guests. Please if you had the donation resources to give this gift to Sixth Seal News Talk I ask you now to go to the Patron link below and find a package you can donate for.

Patron donation of package:

Thank you for your time and your donations and help.

James J. Tsidkenu

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