Republican Democrat False Flag – Are They Playing Us

Could the Democratic and Republican mess be a false flag to keep the American people deceive and distractive from something that is much bigger? It is time to think out-of-the-box and it is time to put what many have in the back of their heads in front. This may be the biggest false flag in the history of the United States or possibly the world. The amount of evidence against the Democratic Party and officials is huge, but yet nobody is going to prison and those who have the power such as our president do not use the power to even fire those who are still within our government. It is time to start looking at the possibility that this could be a deception or a false flag being conducted between the Democrats and the Republican Party against the American citizen. Could there be a catastrophe heading our way and we are intentionally being played by these two parties . In view of all the evidence and everything that has been brought against so many people nobody is going to jail and those who have the power to enforce the law are not enforcing the law all the way up to the level of the president of United States. Also, it seems like our media would it be bad media or good media all are wrapped up in this and the complete attention of our American citizens is focus for good or bad and these historic events. But the whole thing just doesn’t make sense and we really have to start examining the big picture here and possibly start looking outwears because they may be intentionally trying to keep some major event from the public side. See video for more.


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