Red Alerts Message to FBI on Hillary Clinton Case


This is a message for the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton, is the FBI beginning to do things like the keystone cops? Doesn’t the FBI realize if they have enough evidence right now at hand to arrest Hillary Clinton it is their duty and the duty of the Department of Justice to make an arrest, because we the American people are about to become the laughing stock of the entire would. If the FBI knew that they had the evidence and took no actions and allowed this presidential race to continue and maybe even possibly allow her to be elected into the White House before they arrested her, this would be a joke. So please FBI them don’t rule the future of our histories, because we may have to write in our future history books that the first woman that got elected as the president United States was also the first woman to be arrested or the first person to be arrested at the White House by the FBI and convicted of a major crime. Let us not ruin our own history and look like fools around the entire world.

James J. Tsidkenu

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