RAPTURE READY Disturbing Dream Jan 20 2018

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  • Naomi W 1 month ago

    Russ, please pray for me. I need to be where you are in Christ, but I am held back by cigarette smoking. I have quit so many times and go right back to it. Please, please pray for me. Why can’t I walk away from this and not go back again?

  • lorraine9252 1 month ago

    can i verify your date, last night i listened to this broadcast, i prayed if that is the date let me wake up at 131 ,,,and i did…..PRAISE THE LORD JESUS, ALL HONOR WORSHIP AND PRAISE IS HIS….I LOVE YOU YESHU ,

  • Earl Dennison 1 month ago

    I’ve shared this with a few folks, and whether it has resonated with them or not, I don’t know…, but, last Sunday when I woke up I heard the words “All Saints January”. Not a feeling in my spirit, but the spoken words.

  • Jazz Maroke 1 month ago

    Amen come Lord Jesus Christ come blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ forever

  • Renu Tupper 1 month ago

    Brother i have been seeing 3.11 a lot too…pls watch brother Todd , It is finished channel and also Rhonda Empson channel..God bless you

  • Sabbath Seekers 1 month ago

    Brother God bless your beautiful heart for our Father our Savior. He is moving mightily in us in these last days. Thank you for sharing with such a reverent humble spirit. I hope many many listen and come to a place of repentance and receiving of our Savior ..bringing their broken heart before Him.💜

  • David Williams 1 month ago

    Meaning of your dream:

    House = physical church (a denomination)

    Refrigerator = things preserved until judgment

    Entity = imp: these are the “keepers” of the prison (read concerning Peter in Acts.

    You are a man of peace, not war. Fear not. Wait on Him. The righteous are strengthened, NOT the sinners. The kings are the blood of the Lamb (He was slain to restore and preserve the “firstborn”.

    What was preserved until the end is “in the midst”: this means it exists in spirit in those wicked vessels which serve the Enemy.

  • Olivia K 1 month ago

    My video I posted the other day initially stopped at 11:11 and today I woke up at 11:11 I don’t know what that means- also I notice how emotional you have been in your videos – I can see the spirit speaking through you but be strong – he will not harm those of us who have been saved and are seeking him. Keep the faith brother

  • Lol u Mad bro? 1 month ago

    Hello Russ I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and you have helped me great. Do you believe the 3 days of darkness will happen? If so I hate the dark…how do I know I am truly with God cause I do want to be with!

  • daughter of the most high God r 1 month ago

    My gas stoped at 50.50

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