(Romans 10:9-10)
Repent ,Confess, & Believe!

This is How You’re Saved! –


“Dear Heavenly Father,
I am a sinner, and I am Guilty of Sin against you. I REPENT and turn from all Sin. I’m Sorry for my Sins. Please Forgive Me Of My Sins. I forgive, EVERYONE that has offended me, including my Family, My Friends, and also My Enemies. So Lord Jesus I ask you to forgive me of ALL OF MY SINS.
I believe that Jesus died for my sins on the Cross, was buried, and rose from the dead On the 3rd Day. Come into my Heart and be My Lord and Savior.

Thank you for dying for my sins. Thank you for forgiving me. From this day forward I will Live for you, and follow your Commandments.

In Jesus name I Pray, Amen.


  • Brandon Bostic 2 weeks ago

    Amen amen sister have a blessed day.. love u sister.

  • Ursh Stark 2 weeks ago

    It is time, it is time!!!! Praise the Lord, it is time🙌🏻👏🏻✈️👰🏼🍰🍷🎉🎊. God bless you, sis❤️

  • sunshine 1975 2 weeks ago

    May the God of peace richly bless you my sister,may his great peace n grace overwhelm you in these end days in JESUS name Amen, thanks 4 CARING AND SHARING

  • sunshine 1975 2 weeks ago

    Reference to heavenly vehicles, plz read EZIEKIAL, he described chariots of God moving with thought,some type of ufo,as the world calls them,the Lord showed me this awhile back.

  • leon4christ 2 weeks ago

    Look at Change Is Coming.. she’s had dreams about Heaven having jobs and stuff like malls and all that. God bless you, please, please pray for me to be right standing before the Lord cause I know I’m still so faulty. I wanna be holy and I want Him to be impressed with me and not disappointed

  • TheRescueOfTheBride 2 weeks ago

    Seletha, I believe that you have been shown the beginning of the training for the 144,000. It seems that you are among them. Blessings, Dan.

  • Princess Tatyanna 2 weeks ago

    Yay Jesus is coming!

  • Digger X8X 2 weeks ago

    Thank you sister. I’m pretty sure there’s a college and mall in Heaven. The Heavenly bus part got me laughing…

  • Renu Tupper 2 weeks ago

    Amazing dream sister…so exciting…very encouraging..i can hardly wait to begin our training…i pray to be counted worthy

  • saviron hipps 2 weeks ago

    Bro Mike referred your channel. It has really been a blessing watching your videos.

  • novemberevening11 2 weeks ago

    Thank you, dear sister. Awesome dream. Can’t wait to go home!!! ♥♥♥

  • Ted Allen 2 weeks ago

    Amen sis I also had a dream that was similar. The Lord is telling us that he is coming, and it could be at any moment that he come!😇🙏♥️🔥⚔️🕊

  • Debi Summersett 2 weeks ago

    Never too early for you dear sister. I am so excited for us all. I too feel that it is any minute. Love you! The King is Coming!

  • Selah Cher 2 weeks ago

    YES, it is time sis! That’s how I felt in the dream I had yesterday, like it was going to happen any minute, any second! HALLELUJAH!!!! Praise Jesus!!! GBY ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kim Mosley 2 weeks ago

    This is such a cool dream my sister! Very encouraging!

  • Tamra Sant 2 weeks ago

    Wow! Awesome dream! I had a dream also last night. It was both good & bad. We were in a suv and rushing to get to a military airport, but when I asked my son to check gps the vehicle went crazy fast. I had no control, thought we were going to crash, but then snap, we were there! Time is accelerating! Warp speed! Then I had a Machanic look at the car & it had been hacked & remotely controlled! Not sure what that meant. I felt in the second part especially was a warning that war is coming and we will not be in control! It was a very vivid dream! God is my control, but for others control will become a nightmare! Be Ready Saints!

  • Sissy Blanc 2 weeks ago

    Amen sister 😃 It’s time 😀Praise Yeshua for this encouragement 🕊🕯
    Shalom 🕎 Love you 💕
    Watchman from Switzerland 🗻

  • Pee Jay 2 weeks ago

    The Rapture is talking of EMP shockwaves !
    The Bible is an Allegorical masterpiece !
    Blessings PJ

  • Watchman-G-man 2 weeks ago

    The 70 weeks of Daniel are now fulfilled as of Nov 29th 2017. On that date 1947 the UN voted to partition Palestine/Jerusalem so it gives us a date reference point. The other pointer is the abomination of desolation which was Obama standing in the Holy place where Jesus was born. This was on 3/22 (skull & bones) 2013. We then learn the parable of the fig tree which adds 4 years to that date. That brings us to March 22 2017. Then we see summer is nigh, even at the door. This is Jesus telling us he is at the door but it is not yet open. As we know we have November beyond that date, we know he comes in winter & on a Sabbath, just as he says. As all the feasts are now over, we see Lazarus was raised from the dead between the Festival of Lights aka Hanukkah & the Passover. I know this was the last day, but 2000 years prior because Jesus confirmed it to me via the Holy Ghost. He filled me with love as I came to this realisation & knew he was saying “You’ve cracked it son”. This is how he communicates, a wave of emotion with a layer I understand.
    John 11.24 Martha sayeth unto him, “I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day” 25 Jesus said utno her, “I am the resurrection, and the life: He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live 26 And whosoever liveth, and believeth in me, shall never die. Believest thou this?” 27 She saith vnto him, Yea Lord, I beleeue that thou art the Messiah the Sonne of God, which should come into the world.
    So we see a hint about the last day, from what Martha said in verse 24. Then in verse 25 Jesus telling us he is the resurrection. In 26 he says “whosoever liveth and believeth in me, shall never die”. This is us, who live now, we shall never die. In 27 we see the hint he will return. So verses 24-27 are all big clues, these are our dates too & that’s not by accident. We know Jesus rode into Jerusalem on an asse with the colt (Matt 21:9) Then he kicked over the tables in the temple (Matt 21:12) Then he went & cursed the fig tree (Matt 21:19) All symbolic of the end of the world. We will sing him praises when he returns. He will judge the un-Godly. Then the earth will be cursed so it withers. We can find a date when this occurred with the scriptures & see it was 5 days before the Passover which is on Nisan 14, this gives us Nisan 9(March 27th) This is a Tuesday, the traditional Hebrew wedding day, so fits perfectly with our bridegroom returning. If you read John 2 You’ll see Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding feast, his first miracle & this was before the Passover, so we don’t have the date here but the timing is perfect. Symbolically, this story is the elect being turned into the new wine, Jesus said he would drink with his disciples in his Fathers kingdom, from Matthew 26:29. So now we know on the 24th March, the great tribulation begins, the Sabbath day in winter & we have our days shortened less no flesh be saved. These days are the 3 days, sign of Jonah & our flight to Nineveh, preaching the gospel unto all nations, then the end comes. So Sat 24th, Sun 25th, Mon 26th are our flight, Tues 27th is our wedding feast. He who endures to the end shall be saved. Those doing God’s will & preaching the gospel to bring those with a good heart to repentance have nothing to fear, he will protect us & we will see miracles performed so we can follow the lighted path he leads us on. Those who share the heart of Jonah & want this world destroyed like Jonah did with Nineveh are selfish & will be punished, they have no oil in their lamps & they bury their talents in the ground.
    God bless

  • Steve Oh 2 weeks ago

    Hi all! If you died today would be in heaven tomorrow? Please watch my one and only video and make sure. I don’t care about subs or views but I hope that it can help 1 person. God bless you!


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