Prophecy Alert: “Zion Oil Discovers Oil In Valley of Megiddo” Zion Oil And Gas Company Discovers Oil In the biblical valley of Megiddo in Israel also Help Us Spread the Word also also also also also Protect Your Money With Gold – Click Here-
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  • Roger Bonner 4 days ago

    I am living near that neighborhood, it’s a beautiful place to grow up and go to school. They say at least 7 have died. Sad.

  • Sally Idol 4 days ago

    Yes I agree it will be the most important reason. The hook in the the jaw.they hate Israel. And will not stand by and let them get blessed. They will come and take it.

  • Godswarrior 4ever 4 days ago

    Isn’t the valley of meggido where the final battle is ?

  • Theresa Palmer 4 days ago

    I have had information on this company for several years…I just talked to our financial advisor,he has no clue and discouraged investing…

  • Jack Prince 4 days ago

    The Gregorian calendar is of by 30 days. A Passover reset happened last year. Therefore the Jubilee ends April 16th- 17th Civil calendar or so which is the week of passover I do believe. The second harvest should be when we go around Pentecost. The Gentiles are the wheat. Listen to youtube Mark of the Beast by Dr Peter Ruckman. April showers bring May flowers. We are getting so close tis the season. The China President said prepare for war. They do not bluff ever. Are you ready? Also watch God’s Final Jubilee by Dan Goodwin. Could this be the year?

  • steve mick 4 days ago

    God wouldn’t tell you to take oil from the land and destroy it

  • Sara Klassen 4 days ago

    wealth of the sinner is laid up for the saved

  • MaleAdaptor 4 days ago

    So Palestinians had oil all along?

  • Chris Martinez 4 days ago

    Paul the interest thing about this is when Zion oil hit their drilling depth. It was on Jan 31st for the festival of planting of trees in Isreal along with super moon/ eclipse. An the same thing is going to happen next year at the same time with super moon / eclipse on the same festival day.

  • trkrla 51 4 days ago

    Something strange here Paul. The links does not take me to Zion oil. Also… was John Brown shown scripture from the Lord or a vision? Was it both?

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