Prophecy Alert: “The Assyrian” Land Of Nimrod 666 (Antichrist) Will the Antichrist be an Assyrian from the “Land Of Nimrod” 666 the Mark of the Beast also Help Us Spread the Word also also also also Protect Your Money With Gold – Click Here-
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  • Lyn 00000000 6 days ago

    “The Assyrian” is not from the UK, USA, he is islamic “the man of Tyre”

  • Saintjudi 777 6 days ago

    Its obuttma hes islamic look up the definition of his name! Look at the bible code

  • Patsy Koenig 6 days ago

    I think the Antichrist might be Maitreya = Raj Patel. He APPEARS sincere and harmless. He talks a lot about “food security.” Who can argue with that??? But we know the Antichrist will be an extreme deceiver….who will first appear kind and generous…then when he aggregates full power…he will reveal he is a cruel tyrannical dictator.

  • Heath Marcum 6 days ago

    Pastor Begley, do you think God would ASK you. DO YOU KNOW WHO THESE MEN ARE, if they weren’t here now and were able to be recognized by you?? sounds like there here now an not the future!! IMO,

  • Christopher Costanza 6 days ago

    Donald Trump is Asserian

  • Cilandia Lane 6 days ago

    Osiris will be put back together by DNA. from Busiris, in Lower Egypt. I heard this in my veil of knowledge words. That the Savior will come back after this DNA man will be killed once again. he was brought back from a mighty head wound back to life by the DNA. The shepherds are countries and their leaders.. Osiris will be the anti-christ. The Spirit of Lucifer will go into this Osiris’s body. People will go crazy with love for this person as a miracle. He is laughing at the people’s amazement and worship of him. But his time will be short. It is the decision of the bad one or the good one. It is better to take the pure heart now and help the Spirit the vessel carries to not go with the bad one. Later it will be to late and the original bodies will come to collect their Spirits from the vessels of man-kind. The goal is to see the Holy Spirit God – the highest Source Energy of all things -with a belief in the Savior and to have the Holy Spirit actually do the final baptism back Home to Heaven for the new body for the Spirit the vessel carries. vessel is the spokesperson for the Spirit it carries. This is the meaning of the 2nd part of John 3:5. This is telling to his face Lucifer no to the Spirit the vessel carries and yes to the Holy Spirit God. It is IN THE SPIRIT this takes place. It takes more than just saying I believe it takes showing IN THE SPIRIT the vessel is truly unselfish and believes to help the Spirit back Home with Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit will gift the new body that is pain free to the Spirit if the vessel helps the Spirit. If you do the IN THE SPIRIT proof Holy Spirit God will destroy the original vessel of the Spirit now. This is the reason for the life of the vessel.

  • Steph True777 6 days ago

    Paul… gotta start talking about Q anon!

  • Archangel Michael 6 days ago


  • David Overstreet 6 days ago

    Make sure we are washed by the blood of jesus and it want much matter who he is but we know he shows up at some point.

  • Tim Treeguy 6 days ago

    it is a spirit, a antichrist spirit. it is everywhere you can see it. but even if you were to try to say it is litteraly 1 man wouldnt you think it would be the head man of the u.n? the most anti christian global orginization in the world who has control over the presidents even? it is a spirit but if you were to put a label on 1 man isnt it a bit obviouse?

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