Prophecy Alert: “Russian River Runs Blood Red” WND Confirms WND confirms that the Molchanka River In Siberia has turned Blood Red as Revelation prophesied also also Help Us Spread the Word also also also also also also Protect Your Money With Gold – Click Here-
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  • Апокалипсис сегодня. Valery Lobanov 2 weeks ago

    Putin again?

  • Jose Rojas 2 weeks ago

    Everything is in the Bible, is is that this world is so corrupted and they don’t want to know know anything impossible. Water turn blood in the tine of Moises, everything is in the Bible they just don’t want to follow it

  • john wereschuk 2 weeks ago

    red tide something to do with the alge in the water kills off fish living organisms just saying

  • Autumn Cardona 2 weeks ago


  • Autumn Cardona 2 weeks ago

    Read Bible about blood rivers

  • Autumn Cardona 2 weeks ago

    Ok they don’t know why. We know that. But what ARE results.

  • Terri Wilkins 2 weeks ago

    Elohim should me a bear last night. bear is Russia.

  • RUSSIAN-NEWS Canadian Edition 2 weeks ago

    when all considered, Russia is a Red country so why not letting the riviers turning red , I will ask my mum she knows all about that sort of stuff.

  • Judi Cecchetelli 2 weeks ago

    Ha you look so yellow today pastor and you’re reporting on red which makes orange mixed together., orange represents power. ☺ soon…..

  • jesus is my saviour 2 weeks ago

    Word of God in the bible pleas obay god Prais our lord jesus Christ he is our salvation and saviour🙏👑

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