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  • SEAsUAS 1 week ago

    Are you serious!! You’re in Jerusalem?

  • H. Ghost 1 week ago

    The kings of the earth gather against the church of the living God who flows as living waters and roars at the image of the sun and those who worship the suns image they have added their lies to half truths and my people perish for lack of knowledge

  • Mr. Parker 1 week ago

    Very informative Pastor Paul …. God Bless You ….I always pray for peace in Israel …. Pastor Paul ….THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU’RE DOING …BE BLESSED ✝️


    dang…so you all Genocided the GIANTS…and destroyed the sons of GOD….They were Hero’s of old and men of Renown….your just racist…including your U.N. and ISRAELI’S….No God will ever save you from that……

  • 1blondidea 1 week ago

    Thank you, Pastor Paul, for this video. I have spent more than an hour reading/studying through the whole of 2Kings chapters 22 and 23. It is very sad to me that though King Josiah completely rid the nation of Judah of ALL the temples, etc of worship of Ba’al, etc, and commanded the people to turn back to worship of Almighty God, that “Cleansing and Turning Back” to the True Living God of their fathers lasted only 13 years. After Josiah’s death, they went back to their evil ways, and the prophesy of destruction (2 Kings CH 22, vs 25-17) fell on their evil heads.What does this forebode for our nation today, Pastor Paul???

  • Lisa Maria 1 week ago

    Pastor Paul, I have been trying to reach you for a year now you’re in my neighborhood. Can we meet while you’re in town? Please email me! It’s urgent! Lisa Maria

  • firetheho 1 week ago

    It’s time to take down the Dome of the “Rock.

  • dominique dupouy 1 week ago

    UN is the beast of reveletion.

  • Cindy LouWho 1 week ago


  • jw23 1 week ago

    Praise God!!! The Land belongs to Israel Amen!! God Bless u Pastor Paul!!

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