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  • Charlyn F.L 1 week ago

    To understand Rev 20… You need to know Rev 19 first: Victory song for the White Horse ruled w/ iron rod & trod the winepress of Rev 14:17-20. Vultures have eaten the body of the wicked. Aka Rev 19 is the victory song of the 2nd coming.

    So Rev 20 is the red dragon being by himself in earth with no one alive to decisive (aka his own bottomless pit). He will be in that state for 1000 years. Then the 3rd coming happens: God comes to gives life to all wicked. The red dragon will gather all wicked from generations before to have the final battle over good vs evil. The ending is the lake of fire.

    Once earth has been cleansed of sin, heaven & earth will be made new & then new jerusalem will come down to earth. God will be with the righteous.

    The everlasting lake of fire: it means the smoke of it will be a forever reminder to all universe of how destructive is sin. Therefore it will never re-occur ever again.

  • Shaving soap 1 week ago

    I don’t understand I thought you were in Florida? Did you leave from there ha ha?

  • JoeMyGod 1 week ago

    I’m reporting this channel for promoting drug abuse because this motherfucker must be smoking crack.

  • Ciudadanos Por La Paz 1 week ago

    God bless you pastor.

  • CSAcitizen Feather 1 week ago

    Ramadan in Feb ??

  • CSAcitizen Feather 1 week ago

    I’ve seen that area – there is no room for anything there.

  • Katja Kongesor 1 week ago

    Ramadan is in the summer, June,….

  • Amy Ong 1 week ago

    ramadan? dun think so.

  • Jo James 1 week ago

    What does the bible mean by OLD serpent? why is satan called OLD?? Anyone know??

  • Shelly Green 1 week ago

    Oh so cool! I wish I could go one day!

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