PDATED 9/29–Revelation 12 sign, dream, number 927, Yom Kippur Rapture, going home

God numbers given to confirm the Rapture 2017. The word Victor given to study all the Scriptures with that word. 190 1115 1151 1234 1117 122 on June 21 .

UPDATE– THIS SISTER HAS THE NUMBER DISCERNED AND THE IMPORTANCE OF IT– She uploaded it yesterday, and it is clearly a confirmation of the 927 .

This is the most convincing confirmation that came to Sam to urge him to be rapture-ready. This is not a date setting video but it is just a testimony of God .

A flying dream of spiritual growth which is different than a Rapture dream. Seeing 1111 and then 777 two days in a row. Hoping and praying for the lost to come .

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