Parable of the prodigal son from the film Jesus of Nazareth


Jesus teaching the parable of the prodigal son, who wasted his inheritance on loose living and then repented and returned to the Father. Beautifully dove tailed cinematic piece combining the sometimes reckless zeal of Simon Peter with the son resentful of the prodigal child’s welcome home in the story.

This scene is set in Matthew the tax collectors house. He invites Jesus to his home where there are prostitutes and they are having a banquet and party. Jesus goes against the will of his followers who think it would disgrace him to meet with such sinners. Jesus uses this event to teach about God’s kingdom, He is willing to come where he is welcome

Two teachings in this parable

Firstly of Gods patience, love and acceptance of his children. God is waiting for his children to repent of their sin and return to Him and follow his ways and attain fellowship with him. If we choose to ignore God and pursue sin then we cut ourself off from the Father. The Father loves us and wants our love and attention and it is best for us when we are with the Father who is the source of all life, comfort and goodness. The things of this world are temporal and fleeting, they are vain and are idols. The source of all life is Gods Spirit.

Secondly is the warning of those who are in Gods kingdom and who believe and follow Him not to be resentful of sinners and of iniquity when they repent and are also accepted into the kingdom. We have all been sinners and we should all rejoice when anyone repents and comes to God.


Jesus Moives

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