OVER 100,000 Protested Iranian Government Iran, PEOPLE OF IRAN FIGHT FOR THEIR FREEDOM!!!

Hundreds of thousands of protesters hit the street against the dictatorship horrible government of Iran who only make up less than 1/10 of a percent and Iran. A estimation of over half million people have hit the street protesting this horrible government. Iran Gov. who has imprisoned the entire population under a corrupt dictatorship, even after sanctions were lifted, the Iranian government stole all the money and all the oil contracts to fill in their pockets with billions of dollars from the European communist union. Leaving the Iranian people in the cold suffering as always, without jobs, without hope, and without freedom. See video for more

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James J. Tsidkenu


  • VDS John 2 weeks ago

    Right time to change rogue regime.

  • Travel Time 53 2 weeks ago

    Sixth Seal News Talk Nice. Democratic freedom in Iran will bring life ,health and prosperity to people of Iran. The bigoted fascists using authoritarian methods to spread terror in Iran and outside Iran are bringing down the country.People seem to be fed up. Hope that this fascist thing falls apart. People who are fed up seem to be looking for jobs, freedom from poverty and a fresh life of hope and freedom.

  • Republic of Texas 2 weeks ago

    Best channel i have had the time to enjoy keep up the good work.

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