Oprah Winfrey Talks About Her Faith In Jesus Christ


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, Jesus Christ (Deity), Oprah Winfrey (Celebrity)


  • Vanessa Nolon 8 months ago

    Oprah seem to be a nice . I feel like I know her well. She do try hard to
    help people even when she need help her self so I pray for her.

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  • philip2x 8 months ago


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  • nicholas bankston 8 months ago

    Oprah says that there is many ways to God when there is only one way that’s
    Jesus Christ

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  • Haley Phelps 8 months ago

    Sorry but this is a load of crap.

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  • Haley Phelps 8 months ago

    Just cause Oprah says it, does not make it right.

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  • joel scott 8 months ago

    she doesn’t preach the word of God but her own.

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