One World Order is Destroying the Global Media Intentionally (why keep lying this will make sense)

The One World Order we call the globalists are intentionally destroying the World’s media in order to bring about a One World Media. A North Korean style media which is a state run media. The One World Order is trying to put into place a One World Government, they are trying to put into place a One World Religion, and they are also trying to put into place a One World Media. It has made very little sense to me why the US so-called network news or so-called real news continues to put out lies even in the face of mounting proof that what they’re reporting is complete lies. They continue to lie and they continue with bad propaganda and evil intentions towards to US citizens and towards our elected officials . The ones undermining these news networks in order to destroy them is the One World Order also known as the globalists. Destroying the US news and European news and order for them to put into place a Global news network that they will able to control all news outputs. This is also why the globalists are attempting to pass laws or get countries to pass laws to destroy so-called fake news, because they will go after the little people first and then they move up to the big network news to destroy them and remove their operational license therefore only leaving the One World Order media in place. See video for more

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