North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Threats, “I HAVE THE LAUNCH BUTTON ON MY TABLE!”

In a bizarre speech North Korea’s Kim Jong-un tells everybody that he has the launch button on his table. Only a brainless moron like Kim can come up with this idiotic statement. The man is basically shooting himself on the foot with an ICBM and is putting his entire country under a suicide cloud. Under most countries role of engagement, if you are threaten by somebody who tells you their going to kill you with a weapon of mass destruction than the other country has the right to make a preemptive strike or defend himself. If Kim could only stay shut up without talking for couple of years his country may survive another couple years. But, the man continues to put his foot in his mouth to the point where it’s really literally going to end up in his mouth when they blow him up in bits. See video for more

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