North Korea South Korean Peace Talks or North Korea Buying Time

South Korea and North Korea are now talking with each other about possibly of North Korea appellees athletes joining in the Olympics in South Korea. People are saying that this could be an opening to start dialogue about bringing a peaceful solution between Norse Korea, the US, and South Korea. This seems to have been initiated by the North Koreans in my thoughts is that the North Koreans are buying time, because they are not prepared to take on the US military. Also, South Korea is desperate to make a piece with the North in order to save their country especially now that the North has nuclear weapons. So, we may be looking at the possibility of North Korea staying with some of their nuclear weapons if not all their nuclear weapons . We may seeing problems developing between the US and the South Koreans over this. The US is not going to live under the cloud of nuclear weapons and North Korea in the US is not ready to be blackmailed by North Korea, see video for more.

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  • fightzionistNWO 1 week ago

    Really like the opening and closing music as well as the show. Are you able to tell me the name of track or is it a custom made track? Keep up the good work!

  • onetruekeeper 1 week ago

    South Korean president Moon is a Chinese agent. A traitor. He needs to be arrested and replaced with someone willing to work with the U.S.

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