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Kid's Cartoon


  • saykat das 8 months ago

    plz keep it up … ///

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  • Manuel Ramos 8 months ago

    That might be the dummiest comment I have ever heard by Mrs Vananna.
    Compared to what is being allowed for children to watch on television
    nowadays. Im speechless

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  • Cartooniverse 8 months ago

    I love these propaganda-ish cartoons, get them while they’re young, before
    they can think for themselves, works every time

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  • Favour Chima Chieke 8 months ago

    God is good

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  • Brenda Vananna 8 months ago

    I simply cannot allow my children to view these movies. Haven’t you all
    notice something somewhat sinister about the ‘look’ of the film and how it
    disturbs so many of us in Love with Christ? Some of these dealing with
    Samson, or Sodom are not allowed here in this house. Sex and sodomy are
    difficult to explain to the kids.

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  • Emmanuel Nkrumah 8 months ago

    I love it🏰🏰🏰🏰🏰🏰🏰🏰🏠🏡🏢🏣🏤🏥🏦🏧🏨🏩🏪🏫⛪⛲🏬🏯🏰🏭🗻🗼🗽🗾🗿🗿⚓

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  • Matilda Hadebe 8 months ago

    Best story and I’m 8years old

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  • Matilda Hadebe 8 months ago


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