My rapture sentry & mark of the best dream

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  • Naomi Victoria 2 weeks ago

    That’s so crazy cause I had a dream of the mark of the beast last night to and I was at my mom’s job at the hospital and they were the mark of the beast was there and they were chipping everyone and they put patches and tape to cover the implant and they were scanners and they were scanning the microchip and when I saw that I was freaking out cause I was like “Oh no I hope my mom didn’t get the mark of the beast” but thank God she didn’t get it but after that they were something weird that we saw in the hospital, we saw blood all over the floor and it disgusted me but I don’t know what I meant, maybe it means death or something but after that we left cause I felt sick to my stomach after looking at it and we went outside and it was night time and we saw the clouds and we saw different shapes they could’ve been from God but I think I saw a scroll in the sky and I couldn’t read it but I saw alot more stuff from God but I didn’t remember it and I was asking God to help me to remember more stuff that I saw in the sky but I forget most of what I saw of course lol I have bad memory but hey it is what it is but I can’t wait to see Jesus!! The end is near and we’re about to get out of here and party in heaven!! 😂😊😀🎺👑👰😝💎🔥🔥🙏

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