More B-52 Deployed To Guam, Countdown to Doomsday

The United States has sent six B-52 to Guam along with 300 airmen; a few days ago the US sent three B2 bombers along with about 200 airmen. The United States is not buying into North Korea trying to start negotiations. The United States has seen this pattern before with the North Koreans and this time around the United States is not going to fall for the North Korean games. The demand of the United States to North Koreans is to disarmed their nuclear program or face the consequences of an all-out war. The North Koreans continue to threaten the United States with nuclear attack now that they have their nuclear weapons. But because the US military has put pressure on North Korea once again they’re talking about negotiation. The US know this is only a North Korean ploy to buy time to make more weapons. Kim Young Un the North Korean leader is using a page out of his grandfather and fathers playbook on how to deal with the US. But, this time around the steaks are a lot higher, because unlike before this time around the North Korean have nuclear weapon possibly with the range to hit the United States. See video for more.

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