January 6, 2017 Dream of impending rapture and tribulation Keep watch for the midnight cry!

Watching Waiting
Published on Jan 6, 2018

I had a dream last night about what seemed to be the midnight cry from the parable of the virgins, notifying me that the Lord was on his way. When this will actually occur in reality is unknown, but it was a picture of how it might go down.


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  • Watchman-G-man 1 week ago

    On Elul 1 (August 26 2017) Moses ascended Mt Sinai the 2nd time with the stone tablets for God to write the 10 commandments. In November 2016 I had a daydream about fishing with Cephas (Simon Peter) & knew the 153 was important but only now is it beginning to make sense. The UN voted on Israel shortly after this dream, the vote was cast 153 to 7. If we add 153 days to Elul 1 2017, we arrive at January the 26th 2018. Why is this significant? Lets see what else has been revealed. On Jan 28th 2011, 7 years ago,(God loves his 7’s) there was a ‘UFO’ (bright star) over the temple mount, recorded by 5 people & one American family filmed an obvious fraud, so 6 in total. This is a sign from God. I found this video whilst searching for something totally unrelated & it seemed very odd that it was there in my search, so I watched it & loe & behold, it looks genuine on 5 versions. Why would 5 people fake an identical event? Why would 1 person throw in an obvious fraud? 5 people wouldn’t fake it, there’s no reason for this to happen. The 1 fraud is there to discredit the other 5 & make you believe all are faked. So lets look at the day & date. The light came on a Sabbath back then (Friday night) but the 28th is not a Sabbath this year. Please read on, I have seen some coincidences that are important & God controls coincidences.
    Matthew 24:20 But pray yee that your flight bee not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day:
    Jesus said this for a reason & I have always seen it as a hint for us. I have also felt our days will be shortened to 3 days. 3 days flight concludes on a Tuesday, the Hebrew wedding day. Saturday, Sunday, Monday are our flight in the great tribulation, Tuesday is our wedding day.
    If we read John 11 we see the last miracle Jesus performed before his own resurrection, was raising Lazarus from the dead. This was between the feast of dedication Dec12-20th & the Passover feast, Mar 30th-April 7th. The date of this ‘UFO’ does fit within that timescale, it fits in the middle, between those dates. If we look at the Hebrew calendar, it is in the 11th month, chapter 11 could be a clue. It could also be that that day 2000 years ago, when Lazarus was raised, was the last day, but 2000 years prior.
    John 11:24 Martha sayeth unto him, “I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day” 25 Jesus said utno her, “I am the resurrection, and the life: He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live 26 And whosoever liveth, and believeth in me, shall never die. Believest thou this?”
    So we see a hint about the last day, from what Martha said in verse 24. Then in verse 25 Jesus telling us he is the resurrection. In 26 he says “whosoever liveth”. This is us, who live now, we shall never die. The 26th verse is very telling as the Sabbath this year falls on the 26th day of Jan, 153 days after Elul 1. So Hebrew month 11, chapter 11, verse 26, Jan 26th & a Sabbath in winter. Lets see verse 27 She saith unto him, “Yea Lord, I believe that thou art the Messiah, the Son of God, which should come into this world” Martha is giving clues this is when Jesus will come back. I know the way all of this has come to light is from God. I’d seen all the feasts go by & didn’t expect to be here at this time. I had run out of ideas for the first time in my life as a watchman. Jesus chose me to do this job for him & all I share comes from what he reveals to me. So seeing all this fall into place, really does bring back that joy, knowing soon I will see Jesus & Father God, leaving this wicked world behind. The 3 days of great tribulation will be when the parables of Matthew 25 kick in. Both parables pertain to the end of the world. The wise virgins not only have oil in their lamps, they have talents. Our job is to go meet Jesus & on our journey, collect the lost sheep, invite them to the wedding to fill the places those many who were called don’t fill. The few who are chosen, are the wise virgins. We have faith to move mountains & fear nothing, knowing Father God has us under his wing. I for one, can’t wait for this adventure & I’m going to make both Jesus & Father God proud, collecting as many stray sheep as possible. I hope you do the same.
    So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.
    God bless
    Search youtube for (ALL 6 VIDEOS – Temple Mount UFO OVNI Jerusalem, January 2011 PROOF) or look at my playlist. I can’t add it here or my message goes to spam

  • Steve Oh 1 week ago

    Hi all! Is anyone here unsure that they are saved? I recently made my one (and likely only lol) video about how to be saved. I don’t care about subs or likes, I am just hoping that it can help 1 person. Feel free to check it out. God bless.


  • Steve Oh 1 week ago

    p.s. brother thanks so much for sharing these videos, I really appreciate your channel!

  • Heaven Bound 1 week ago

    Thank you for your encouraging word.
    Stay strong, Stay prayed up, and continue to run a good race to get your 👑
    I hope these links will keep you ready, because it’s Rapture time!!!














    Stay woke,Stay ready, to be Blessed🙏🏾
    Bro. CB

  • Timothy DiMarco 1 week ago

    Hello Brother,
    Yes, yes according to my calculations were very close. For those dates Setters we’re just separating the wheat from the tares. Some marry for money and some marry for love, God’s just shaking the tree.
    God bless you and your family brother.
    Happy face

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