Had 2 dreams(not rapture) October 1, 2016 and pray for brother Jason Eli


Hi everyone had 2 dreams one negative and the other positive the negative dream the person i use to deal with wanted me to commit adultery i was saying repent over and over than the person got mad i went one way and he went the other way this dream is from satan because of commit adultery i pray to the lord about this would never do this and second dream was positive it was about me and my husband this dream was from the lord spiritual warfare is still going on we half to pray and repent everyday at pray for Jason Eli of what he going though right now he made a huge mistake don’t bash him him please we don’t know what is on this mind right all he need to do is to repent and talk to Yeshua alone until he make another video give him time to think we love you brother please anyone don’t do dates we don’t know only the most high knows love all of you be bless

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