Freedom Has No Place In China, Freedom Fighter Eight Years In Prison

A freedom activist in China has been sentenced to eight years in prison for speaking out against the Chinese communist pig party. Blogger Wu Gan was charged with subversion among many other things against the Chinese government all because of protesting. It is ridiculous to think that anybody can think anything good comes out of communism. Here we have proof how communist treat people that seek freedom, the freedom we take for granted in the United States. Freedom of speech is nonexistence and China, if you are able to protest in China it’s only a matter of time before the authority in China will catch up with you and assure that your days of protests will come to an end. The propaganda machine in China which is now being used as a weapon of war has infected countries such as the U.S. This Chinese propaganda machine makes it sound like communism ideology is better than water. Communist has only one road and that is the road to destruction or to the enslavement of the masses which will only answer to the few people who will rule over them. Communist guarantees that you will lose your freedom of speech and guarantees to make you a slave under their system. Communist has no place in any country for any reason, but yet we see organizations in the US actually calling for communism. The day communism takes over the US is also the day our Constitution burns. No communist or socialist should ever be voted into public office in the United States, but yet they have found their way into our government. It is insane to think that communist and socialist have anything good for the masses in the US or any other part of the world. See video for more.

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  • Ancient ULTRAMEN Learn from the Old punks 2 weeks ago

    This one I agreed, they shouldn’t sent journalist to prison , disband or deport if imminent but not prison.

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