Dream~ Conversation Between Heaven & Hell & the Rapture!

Isaiah 14:9 Hell from beneath is moved for you to meet you at your coming: it stirs up the dead for you, even all the chief ones of the earth; it has raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations.


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  • The Watchman's Final Hour 1 month ago

    Very nicely done! Powerful….as it is us who chooses…God has not sent us to hell…our choice has!

  • Princess Tatyanna 1 month ago

    I choose the uppertaker

  • D-55 Shannon 1 month ago

    I ❤️this one sister as I do all of your videos & I love how clear the sinners prayer is at the end & I’m putting it on facebook as that’s where I have hundreds of people look at my posts(thousands probably if you count my friends & their friends & theirs etc.)but sadly I have led no new people to Christ that I know of in a LONG time😢It amazes me that people can’t see what’s going on but it’s how I KNOW it’s close to the end because that’s how it’s supposed to be at the end & sadly my loved ones are mostly non believers including my husband & 3 adult children & my heart breaks💔& all I can do is pray that if they don’t accept Jesus before they will during tribulation BUT I TELL THEM WHAT WILL HAPPEN & THEY MIGHT NOT HAVE A CHANCE TO CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD & DO IT NOW!!🙏🏼✝️☝🏼🙄✝️🙏🏼

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