Donald Trump Freezes $255 Million to Pakistan

This week US president Donald Trump said no to $255 million Pakistani military package to reimburse the Pakistani for their corrupt effort of trying to help with the Afghanistan war. The total package deal is around $990 million. But the US is beginning to realize that this is money spent on corrupted officials who are not helping the situation in Afghanistan and what they’re doing in Pakistan is just filling in their pockets with millions of dollars and possibly even helping the terrorist in Afghanistan to kill US service personnel. The Pakistani governments has been using this money as a business endeavor and have no interests in seeing Afghanistan war come to an end anytime soon. It is in Pakistan’s corrupt government best interests to see the war continues. They are playing play both size and making money off the Taliban in Afghanistan and making money off the US. Donald Trump is nobody’s fool and he is able to recognize the corruption in Pakistan and see how the money is not being used to help US interests. See video for more.

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