David Pawson — “Israel in the End Times” — 07/03/2015

This week we sample David Pawson’s series on “The Church and Israel in the End Times”, with part two entitled, “Israel in the End Times”.He answers many questions being asked and shows the historical reliability of Bible prophecy.

Most Christians now are speaking again about the return of Jesus. All the remaining 20% of prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled speak of that event. Some of those relate to Israel, including the return of the Jews to the land Israel. A history book by Kelvin Crombie details the part Christians had to play in that event. Some Christians have chosen to close their ears to those prophecies and go along with whatever is popular. However, a Baptist pastor in Bethlehem called Naim Khoury has chosen to speak about the return of Jesus including these Bible prophecies and as a result has been bombed, shot and arson attacked by those who succeeded in murdering his brother in Bethlehem.

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May God bless you as you study His Word.


End of Time

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