Daniel Bible Story – ( Children Christian Bible Cartoon Movie )

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  • Sara Earle 2 years ago

    Farsworthy that is wrong just wrong😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😨😡😱😱😱

  • Oscar Bingcang 2 years ago


  • Josemon Joy 2 years ago

    I love this

  • Mark Elderson 2 years ago

    I simply cannot allow my children to view these movies. Haven’t you all
    noticed something somewhat sinister about the ‘look’ of the film and how it
    disturbs so many of us in Love with Christ? Yes, I do know that the anal
    canal can be ornery, and things like beer and coffee enemas are ok, but my
    kids are too much into anal things at their ages and this vid would turn
    them into crazy little buggers. If they watch this stuff about Jesus and
    those boys of his, I think they might try it themselves.

  • Benjamin Farnsworthy 2 years ago

    O Almighty God, Maker of Heaven and Earth and the Bible, we worship you but
    only ask out of a complete subservient position: Do you have a penis? I
    am not being against christers with this quesiton, but GOD, you are always
    referred to as “HE”, and either you have a cock and balls or you do NOT

  • Linda Thluai 2 years ago

    I love this bible story

  • Joyce Nicome 2 years ago

    I loved it my favourite character is Miki

  • Evelyn Basa 2 years ago

    I like this

  • Evelyn Basa 2 years ago

    I like this story because it is true

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