Crypto Currency Hacked By North Korea Hackers

Nouth Korea Hackers have hacked cryptocurrency in South Korea, but this may affect all currency investors. The reason this may affect currency investors from around the world is, because the currency companies that do cryptocurrency are mainly base offshore and could be in any country. So, you may be in the US and investing was some online crypto Currency company and it may actually be located in South Korea or some other country which North Korea may be trying to hack and steal cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency company that was hacked is Bithumb. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) says that North Korean hackers may have stolen over 30,000 peoples data information and besides that the North Koreans robbed a virtual money exchange online. It is not clear if this is the same company or another company. Also, crypto Currency will make it easy for role nations to setup their owned Crypto Currency companies or to get involve state these currency by hacking. So all investors of cryptocurrency have to be aware of what they’re doing and what companies are dealing with, and how good these companies security really is.. see video for more.

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