Christian World News – February 9, 2018

From the president to members of Congress, America’s leaders turn to God in prayer. The prophets and prayer warriors who say America needs more than just revival, but a spiritual transformation that will spread to the nations of the world. …


  • The Sovereign Lord ,has so blessed America. May we repent of our wickedness and return to His Word.
    May His Holy Word,permeate our lives.

  • Bryan Bridges 6 days ago

    I would like to meet that man, the one who said, “Saving souls is shallow. We need to think bigger than that.” He is the shallow one. We are not here to win the country, we are lambs led to the salughter. Yeah. That’s right. We are here to save souls, do good, and suffer until Jesus returns. Maybe his plan can work, but not if it’s carried out by ppl who think saving souls is shallow.

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