Christians Boycotting Facebook

Christians Boycotting Facebook

The reason we are boycotting Facebook is because they continue to remove Christian sites off there servers. They do this under the protests that there are some Christians sites that are not using the correct IP addresses. And the problem is that Facebook doesn’t understand is that there are countries around the world that are not friendly to Christian organizations. So there are Christians in places like China that are trying to hide their IP addresses by using anonymous software that changes their IP address and hides their location.

Facebook puts Christian organizations in the same standards as terrorists. They apply the same policies as they apply to those organizations trying to cost problems such as terrorist acts to also organizations such as Christian’s organizations, by ridiculous outdated policies that they had made up. Unfortunately Facebook does not understand that governments around the world or many governments around the world that have a hostile intention towards Christians do not observe laws such in the US providing peoples with rights and religious rights, so these governments that are hostile towards Christians organizations have no laws in place to stop or prevent them from obtaining individuals information by wiretapping and/or tempering of emails and/or tempering IP address to obtain location of people.

Christians around the world have been jailed torture and possibly killed because of revealing their IP address. So, how can Facebook that is used as a platform for people around the world to express themselves and express thoughts that may be prerogative towards their government really expect Christian users in hostile territories to reveal their true IP addresses knowing that this will result in incarceration or possibly in death?

What we find more ridiculous is that Facebook after locking out the individuals account asks the individual that in order to reestablish their account or open their account back up they need to send a copy of their ID or more funnier a copy of their governmental ID. This is highly ridiculous that these want-to-be-FBI workers of Facebook be so stupid and insensitive to ask for such a requests from an individual who is in a hostile country.  Internet of these countries that are hostile to Christian  are being monitor and can  at any time be tamper and obtain the information of a person. So, sending a copy of your governmental ID over hostile internet and knowing the government of that country can intercept your emails it’s an extremely bad idea. We would like to say to the want-to-be FBIs workers of Facebook leave the work of anti-terrorism to the professionals and you as a private companies should not attempt to do these kinds of works. There are other social media’s that may lock you out, because of an IP change, but in most cases all they will require from you is to verify your email address in which they will send a code to make sure that is you.  It is simple and efficient and there is no need to play FBI agent.

It did not take an individual to submit a copy of their ID to open up a new Facebook account, so it should not take an individual to send a copy of their ID in order to reopen their account.

We at TV rapture totally disagree with this Facebook policy and we ask our Christians brothers and sisters to pull their accounts off Facebook until they changed their policies about hiding IP addresses. We must show Facebook that we will not allow our Christians brothers and sisters around the world to be put in this same box as those who are trying to destroy the freedom of individuals around the world, and we will not continue to support Facebook, because of their policies that may be putting Christians freedom and life at risk.

We ask you to join us today and pull your account off Facebook in protests. You can also join the protest by posting the Facebook boycott banner on your site front page. The banner would link back to this page and will explain why Christian are boycotting Facebook.

Just copy the URL and paste it somewhere on your website and the banner will appear on your website.

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Thank you brothers and sisters and may God bless you and your family.

From the Management of TV Rapture.