Chinese Troll Attack on Sixth Seal News Talk

Some days ago I made a video about Guyana and how the Chinese are going to spend about $50 billion to build a road. Well it seems like the Chinese .50 cent army has exploded against me. The amount of Troll message I’ve gotten from China has been amazing. The last time I got that much troll message was when I made a video calling their Chinese carrier a junk carrier and a video I also made about a tank they made that looked like it was made out of plastic and I called it the Chinese junk tank. This time there up in arms because it seems like nobody was reporting on their activity and Guyana and this is driving them crazy that I found out about what they’re attempting to do in Guyana and corrupting the government.

China Buys the Country of Guyana for $50 Billion video:

Chinese New Garbage Carrier in South China Sea video:

China Will Take Over Malaysia vidoe:

Chinese Garbage MBT-3000 China Tank

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