Chinese Garbage Carrier Sailing through The Taiwanese Straits

On Tuesday night Chinese carrier with other ships sailed through the Taiwanese Straits. They kept to their side of China but the problem we have here is the China is increasing their harassment of Taiwan. It seems like the more the US talks about possibly invading North Korea the more the Chinese are harassing Taiwan. Possibly the Chinese are trying to send a signal to the US that if the US invade North Korea the Chinese will attack Taiwan. The United States government needs to put the Chinese on notice and give them a stiff warning that if the US attacks North Korea in order to secure the security of the United States and their allies and China uses that event to attack Taiwan then it could be all out war with China. The United States needs to put China back in their box and put China on notice that we will stand by Taiwan and United States needs to finally 100% recognize Taiwan as an independent nation and stop sitting on the fence and take a side already. See video for more.

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