Chinese Communist Pirates Complain About A US Missile Destroyer

The Chinese communist pig party or pirate party are complaining loudly to the United States, because the US missile destroyer came close to the Scarborough Island which is located about 130 miles away from the Philippines and about 550 miles away from China. The Chinese under a piracy act took the islands because of a weak past administration we called the Obama administration. They built runways on the island, put Chinese navy ships, and they renamed the island to Huangyan Dao. The Chinese believe because on the map it says South China Seas, and the word China is in the name, everything in the area belongs to them. What the Chinese are doing is behaving just like Pirates. The United States does not recognize China as the owners of these islands, so the US sent in our destroyer close to the island. What the US should have done is given the crew of the USS Hopper missile destroyer R&R and sent them onto the island and had about three other destroyer standing by in case the Chinese made a move against our personnel, so we can blow them up to the other side of the moon. See video for more, and yes I’m piss-OFF!

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  • Doctor Katz 1 month ago

    This is why America should have let Japan conquer China back in WW2. Sadly Japan was just too ambitious. Can we give Japan a second chance?

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