China Shoves Bags of Money into Philippines Mouths to Shut Up

The president of the Philippine, Rodrigo Duterte made a statement that he couldn’t do much against China or the US, because they’re the most powerful nations in world. But, if anybody try to take resources out of his economic zone he would order his ships to fire on them. What the president of the Philippine should real said, and I believe it would have been the correct way of saying it. Is if you want to take my stuff out of the Philippine ocean or the exclusive economic zone you have to shove a lot of money into my mouth so I can shut up. That would’ve been possibly the correct way of saying that. Because, the day he fires a bullet at the Chinese or the US is also the day he will find himself on the other side of the moon. Let me tell you the Philippines have been compromised by the Chinese already and what president of the Philippine is doing is appeasing his citizens by talking tough about China or even the US and He has already sold himself out to the Chinese. Before the Chinese went into the Philippines to talk to him they will already building up the South China seas and when he started to talk bad about the Chinese the Chinese sent plains loaded with money to the Philippines to tell the president of the Philippines that they were going to help them with projects. Which all was BS, because what they really were doing is giving him millions or maybe even billions of dollars to shut up and leave them doing what they were doing in the South China seas. So, this is another one that China corrupt with money. See video for more.



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