China Moves 500,000 Troops Next To North Korean Border

It has been reported this week that the Chinese have move 300,000 troops near to the North Korean border. China now has possibly over half a million troops along the Chinese border and North Korea. Many months ago I said that China had possibly over half of million troops along the border with NK. So, the news that has come out this week is nothing new news, it seems like the media has noticed that China has way more troops than what they are claiming along the North Korean Chinese border. So, it took a while for news to catch up with what I told you many months ago. The Chinese moved about 150,000 troops about a year or more ago, then another report came out about another 30,000, but I knew that these figures were saturated on the low side and my estimates put it at half of million troops. These troops are not there to contain South Korean refugees from flooding China. This is an invasion force that is waiting for the US to hit North Korea, so China can come in under false pretense that they are there to help the North Koreans. No! In fact what China wants to do is take over North Korean Northern territory because of all the rich mineral and coal mines in that area. See video for more.



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