China J-20 Target Practice For U.S Fighters

It seems like our socialist’s communist U.S. Internet media has been talking a lot lately about the Chinese J-20 Stealth fighter or what is also known as the flying elephant. It seems like the Chinese are paying a lot of money to US media that called themselves the real news to put out word that this plane it’s about to go operational. What the J-20 is basically target practice for US fighters. In my video I was explaining to you several ideas of mine own on how can we defeat stealth technology. I’m sure by now the United States has had more than enough time to figure out how to track stealth fighters in real time. Russia and China have gotten into the Stealth fighter game late, and these planes will soon become obsolete. The US will bring out the new generation fighters, that will make all stealth fighters obsolete. See why I think the J-20 could be a beautiful plane to be used as target practice for US fighters and why people seem to be not reading the Chinese disclosure that the plane is made in a toy factory in China. See video for more..



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